Saturday, January 5, 2008

new g.fonz

34 new g.fonz arrive today: lg, motorola and samsung.

most of them are lg, and most of them have cameras.

brooke's g.fon

after losing two cell phones recently, an awesome woman named brooke from daybreak calls me this morning while i'm still in bed.

we meet at draper library this afternoon.

i sell her a lg vx3100 g.fon to her. i'm psyched to be able to offer her a phone in great condition at a great price. she too seems pleased.

Friday, January 4, 2008

first ebay g.fon

the first g.fon sells on ebay.

this g.fon is going to a woman in texas.

watch for more g.fon ebay sales.

rob's g.fon

i sell a lg vx3300 g.fon at draper library to the dad of a kid named rob who lost his cell phone.

we meet at draper library as it's just about to close. so we stand outside in the january wind and activate it.