Monday, April 28, 2008

what's g.fonz?

g.fonz sells reasonably priced, recycled cell phones with new batteries.

here are 10 reasons to own a phone from g.fonz.

10. free activation: g.fonz helps you activate your phone and saves you from activation fees.

9. convenience: g.fonz meets you at your office or your nearest apple store or starbucks.

8. speed: g.fonz meets up with you today or mails your phone tomorrow.

7. street cred: g.fonz comes down from the hood to hook you up. some g.fonz have some scratches, which gives them a lived-in look and broken-in feel and adds character and value to them. g.fonz are never broken or stolen.

6. no contracts: when you buy from g.fonz, you don't need to sign two years of your life and savings away.

5. cameras: most g.fonz have them.

4. camaraderie: you join a growing group of people who feel like you do about wireless carriers.

3. new batteries: the biggest risk with a recycled phone is how long the battery will last. g.fonz removes that risk by offering used phones with new batteries.

2. it is green: using a g.fonz recycled phone helps save the world.

1. it saves green: most g.fonz are $25 to $50.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

chris g.fonz

i sell a lg vx5200 phone to a columbia student named chris. he calls me, and we meet across from koronet pizza.

he says he's impressed how fast i'm able to meet him.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

taxi driver buys battery

while parked just across the street from shake shack, a taxi driver from haiti buys a razr battery from .