Monday, April 28, 2008

what's g.fonz?

g.fonz sells reasonably priced, recycled cell phones with new batteries.

here are 10 reasons to own a phone from g.fonz.

10. free activation: g.fonz helps you activate your phone and saves you from activation fees.

9. convenience: g.fonz meets you at your office or your nearest apple store or starbucks.

8. speed: g.fonz meets up with you today or mails your phone tomorrow.

7. street cred: g.fonz comes down from the hood to hook you up. some g.fonz have some scratches, which gives them a lived-in look and broken-in feel and adds character and value to them. g.fonz are never broken or stolen.

6. no contracts: when you buy from g.fonz, you don't need to sign two years of your life and savings away.

5. cameras: most g.fonz have them.

4. camaraderie: you join a growing group of people who feel like you do about wireless carriers.

3. new batteries: the biggest risk with a recycled phone is how long the battery will last. g.fonz removes that risk by offering used phones with new batteries.

2. it is green: using a g.fonz recycled phone helps save the world.

1. it saves green: most g.fonz are $25 to $50.

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