Monday, June 23, 2008

g.fonz txt of the day

from an alltel lg lx5550 cell phone.

My mom wants to send your mom pictures of us playing golf

Will i have time to practice fro the 23 to the 28?

Ya there will be a little time each day. we can figure out a couples days to play too

What is your home address? do u know what room ur in yet?

Got a R5 3w, caved in my callaway 3w, shot 76 at st cloud cc today like it was nothin, way to suck it up at neb kan cup btw

That would be awesome man. i for sure will do it senior year if not this year

And how much money did you win

By how many did you win

What did you shoot

Dont talk to a jr am champ like that

Hey Tiger just caled n he wants to set up a time for some lessons! Wow man keep it up thats awesome.

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